If your hair is thinner than you'd like, talk to us, we're here to help



It may not be something you’d like to think about, much less have a heart-to-heart about, but we know that thinning hair is a major concern for many people. We know this because our Invati™ Solutions for Thinning Hair continues to be a guest favorite.

If thinning hair is an issue, our Aveda Artists want you to know:  you’re not alone and we want to hear your concerns so we can help.  Aveda Artists lend their support and expertise in our latest video seen here:

And here’s a preview of their words of wisdom, so you can see for yourself how Aveda Thinning Hair Specialists can tackle thinning hair issues with a holistic approach that includes cut, color and styling:

  • “Talk to your Aveda stylist – they can really help you because they have the education behind it to make sure that all your needs are met.”– Holly Leshovsky, Master Educator, Aveda Institute Development (above)
  • “When it comes to thinning hair, it’s actually more common than a lot of people realize.  And sometimes you just need someone to tell you it’s not as bad as you think. And sometimes it’s just having that kind ear so that they can turn around and say maybe it’s not as bad as you think.””– Bea Watson, Global Educator, Hair Styling 
  • “It’s about having a space where you can feel comfortable to talk in a very open way and have an expert help you. There are little tricks we can do with hair color that can really help make hair look thicker, while we’re trying to build it up.”  –Ian Michael Black, Global Artistic Director, Hair Color
  • “I want my guests with thinning hair to know that there are a lot of different styling tricks and tips to help them.” – Dusty Rhode, Aveda Mentor, D.R.E. Minneapolis, MN
  • “Don’t be shy about the issue.  We’re here to help you and make you look and feel better.” –Alberto Rossell-Levy, Regional Hair Color Education Manager, Neill TSP, Dallas, TX


So we want you to know, if thinning hair is an issue, we want you to talk to your Aveda stylist.  There are actually incredibly easy ways to make thin and thinning hair look beautifully thicker and fuller, and your Aveda stylist will stand by you to find the ones that are right for you.

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