Summer is right around the corner, and Euphoria wants to give you an inside viewing of the top fantastic summer styles!

Here are the most complimentary 2015 summer hairstyles:

1.) Center Parting: This style looks great wavy, straight, or just plain curly. Very classy and chic!

 2.) Side-Swept Hair: Sweeping your hair off to the side gives a dramatic summer look while still looking timeless and classy. This style is a great options for face shapes that are not flattered by the center part look.

3.) Curly, Loose Hair/Mermaid Hair: Hair like this looks effortlessly beautiful and will make a summer statement!




4.) Waves with a braid: What an edgy look that can be glammed up as well!


5.) Retro Hair with a bandana: Take it back old school with this look. Pair it with a cute retro dress or a modern 2015 look!


6.) Braids: need I say more?



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